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2010 Projects | 2009 Projects

2010 Project Approvals:

1. Jan Swasthya Sahayog - 2010
Location: Ganiyari, Chhattisgarh
Category: Health
Amount: $60000
Details: Priority medical equipment Pediatric Broncoscope and Resectoscope and a Blood Bank Generator for the rural hospital in Ganiyari were supported along with a 15 seater Ambulance to bring patients from remote areas.

[Project Details] | [NGO Website]

2. Parivartan Shikshan Sanstha-2010
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Category: Education
Amount: $5000
Details: Parivartan provides informal education to the kids in the slums of Wadala. it acts as a bridge school towards the formal type of school.
[Project Details] | [NGO Website]

3. International Campaign For Justice in Bhopal - Dharna 2010 Location: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Category: People's Rights
Amount: $960
Details: The Bhopal Survivor groups are going on a 2 month long dharna (sit-in) in Delhi starting April 15th to give a final push to their demand of Empowered Commission on Bhopal.
[Project Details] | [Campaign Website]

4. Bicycles for Health Workers and Dais
Location: Guniyari, Chattisgarh
Category: Health Care and Family Planning
Amount: $7000
Details: Supporting bicycles, wristwatches and footware for health workers to increase their mobility in some of the most remote villages in the area.
[Project Details] | [NGO Website]

5. Community Kitchen in K-Plot
Location: Sunderbans, West Bengal
Category: Relief and Rehabilitation
Amount: $1490
Details: 5 community kitchens in post-Cyclone Aila impacted areas in the Sunderbans have been set up to support the aged and handicapped who were reduced to begging and near starvation conditions. This effort is meant to enhance self-reliance and promote self-capacity to manage or lead a independent life style being involved in the community process.
[Project Details] | [Cyclone Aila Relief and Rehab]

6. Health Rights Resource Center
Location: Madhya Pradesh
Category: Public Health
Amount: $8000
Details: Sathi CEHAT works on support for advocacy and training to public health initiatives focusing on the aim of realization of health and health care as fundamental human rights.
[Project Details] | [NGO Website]

7. Agriculture and Livelihood Generation
Location: Sunderbans, West Bengal
Category: Agriculture, Livelihood
Amount: $11,500
Details: BTS and Mukti working on organic agriculture with training of trainers to spread the practice in a systematic way post Cyclone Aila which has devastated agriculture, the main form of livelihood.
[Project Details] | [Cyclone Aila Relief and Rehab]

8. Protected Area Update
Location: Delhi
Category: Awareness
Amount: $2750
Details: Helping with production of this online news format of protected areas newsletter on wildlife and protected areas (wildlife sanctuaries and national parks) that is published every two months by Kalpavriksh in India and South Asia to all forest department and other interested parties.
[Project Details] | [NGO Website]

9.Bhopal Campaign Coordinators
Location: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Category: Community Empowerment
Amount: $4667
Details: Supporting campaign staff for livelihood for the Bhopal Campaign in Bhopal.
[Project Details] | [Campaign Website]

10. Seed Conservation
Location: South and North 24 Parganas, Howrah and Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
Category: Agriculture
Amount: $1950
Details: The project promotes seed conservations across 4 locations by constructing seed storage center, documenting different varieties, and having kitchen gardens. This would also supplement nutrition among the families.
[Project Details] | [NGO Website]

11. Purulia Right to Information Project Location: Purulia, West Bengal Category: Community Empowerment Amount: $7020 Details: This project promotes the usage of RTI to empower the community to learn about developmental initiatives in their villages such as Anganwadi, NREGA, Right To Food, etc.
[Project Details] | [Indian Express Article][Site Visit Report] [Top]

Other Active Projects:

12. C. Srinivasan Saathiship 2010
Location: Vellore, Tamil Nadu Category: Saathi [Environment] Amount: $3130
Details: Srinivasan's work integrates reforestation, solid/liquid waste management, livelihood generation and cattle rescue and has served as a model to follow in TN and elsewhere.
[Project Details] | [Saathi Article]

13. Human Rights for Women in Prostitution
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Details: This project works for supporting the staff working on gendered justice, striving hard to place the "woman" in her rightful place in society and resisting violence against women working with the police and other concerned parties.
[Project Details] | [NGO Website]

14. Malika Virdi Saathiship - 2010
Location: Munsiari, Uttarakhand
Amount: $3500
Details: Malika works on strenthening democratic institutions, building alliances on common platform at a local and national level, women's issues, livelihood and food security.
[Project Details] | [Collective Website] | [Rediff Interview]

15. Loknadi Resource Center
Location: Purulia, West Bengal
Amount: $7787
Details: Documentation and dissemination of Information on regional environment as well as livelihood situation (open quarry mining) of the local people.
[Project Details] | [NGO Website]

16. Vellore Hills Restoration
Location: Vellore, Tamil Nadu
Amount: $5367
Details: This project works on greening of Vellore hills from an environmental perspective and generates employment for the local population.
[Project Details] | [Article]

17. System of Rice Intensification
Location: Bilaspur, Chattisgarh
Amount: $7978
Details: This project initiates SRI organic techniques which would help to group rice paddy using less water and less seeds to tackle the issue of hunger.
[Project Details] | [NGO Website]

18. Souparna Lahiri Saathiship - 2010
Location: Delhi
Amount: $4255
Details: Souparna works on Northeast issues on Community participation in decision making, role of International Financial Institutions, climate change.
[Project Details]




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