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AID recognizes certain outstanding social and environmental activists in India with "Saathi" awards. Since they are highly creative, committed and motivated individuals, we wish to support them in a manner that allows them freedom to operate without the constraints of a specific time-bound project. The program creates a mutually enriching relationship between AID and the Saathi and entails not only support in the form of a stipend, but also non-monetary involvement and strategic support from AID volunteers. Saathis are a source of great inspiration to AID volunteers, and provide insight into development dynamics.

Saathis are referred to AID by our associates in India and volunteers across AID. In many cases, existing Saathis and Jeevansaathis recommend potential candidates to us. We stay in intimate touch with our Saathis and their work through personal visits, phone calls and correspondence. Click on links on the right to learn more about our Saathis.

Here is a list of current saathis supported by AID Boston.
1. Malika Virdi [More Details]

  • Working in Munsiari, Uttarakhand on issues of strenthening democratic institutions, women's issues, livelihood and food security, ecological security and broad basing our understanding of community ownership over natural resources.

2. C. Srinivasan [More Details]

  • Working in Vellore Hills Restoration, zero waste management, cattle protection program, vegetable room garden programs and other innovation programs supporting environment and livelihood issues.

3. Souparna Lahiri [More Details]

  • Working in Delhi as a campaigner and a campaign builder, trying to bring together many small movements and taking their voice to the corridors of power with a primary focus on the North East of India.

Here is a list of all saathis supported by AID across all chapters.
[More Details]