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History of AID
- Ravi Kuchimanchi, AID founder & Jeevansaathi

...What's the point of all this -- you don't go deeper into a problem by mere discussions -- the knowledge is just lateral -- on many many topics--- beyond the obvious, there is little insight. At best it creates an awareness of the problems and on why mere discussions can't solve them...

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Thoughts On the 10 Years of AID
- Ravi Kuchimanchi, AID founder & Jeevansaathi

Dear Friends,

I have been thinking of writing something on the fact that AID is ten years old, but nothing seems to come to mind because of all the action that's going on that leaves pale any general article or poem or speech. Which is good because one of the goals of AID during its forming years was to induce people to act not just talk or write and now its difficult to talk! Nevertheless I am attempting something on the 10-year anniversary of a committed volunteer group I have known since its birth and I also do not know in many ways.

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