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Why AID?

Our work has gone beyond providing funds, to working in partnership to collectively and sustainably resolve institutional and circumstantial challenges in India.

Here are some reasons our donors get great satisfaction in donating to our organization. We are also a top international organization as rated by Charity Navigator.

a. AID is a pluralistic organization, we have no religious affiliation.

b. We have very little administrative overhead, for every dollar donated 95.9% goes directly to the projects we support. We are a 4 star rated charity by Charity Navigator

c. Most of our members are volunteers. Members of AID-Boston are individuals from the community of MA, RI, NH, and CT.

d. We have mobilized efforts in the face of natural disasters faced by India in the past. From the Orissa Cyclone, Gujarat Earthquake, Tsunami, Assam floods, AP floods and Cyclone Aila, AID worked on immediate relief and more importantly on long-term rehabilitation work that continues well after the media attention had moved on. For example, in the Sunderbans after Cyclone Aila, we focused on reviving agriculture (main mode of livelihood) and are working on spreading that beyond the initial set of farmers trained in organic farming techniques.

e. Our members in AID-Boston have direct contact with the work in India. Each volunteer has the opportunity to introduce and recommend new projects, visit projects when in India, become the project lead, and play a pivotal role in the interactions between AID, the people affected by the projects and the NGOs.

f. Since 1991 when AID was founded in the US, we have developed a strong ground presence in various parts of India. We have Jeevan Saathi's (life-time volunteers) who have committed to do AIDs work in the field. We have built, in some cases, over a decade long relationship with reputable NGOs and peoples movements in India.

g. Our approach from the beginning has been one that looks at development holistically. We aim to tackle all angles of an issues with our partners: education, income generation, health, women's empowerment, agricultural enhancement, increased use of technology, land and water rights are just some of the issues that we address.

h. Our three pillars of Sangharsh, Nirmaan and Seva evolved over the years: our experience has shown that working closely with people in India we must stand by them in their struggles and efforts to find sustainable solutions to their multi-faceted problems.




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