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As Gandhiji said "What you do may seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it". So, even while we may think that we have just about 10 minutes a day,you can make a difference to lives of many people with what you do in those few minutes.

Based on your skills, interest and time available to you, you may decide to volunteer in one or more of the following ongoing activities. This list is just a sample and definitely non-comprehensive.

Project Support

  • Be a project coordinator and work with a grassroot partner on sustainable development issues in India
  • Work on a non-monetary aspect of the project to further the needs of the project (website design, research, data analysis, language translations, etc)
  • Study an issue in depth related to an area of focus by our chapter and bring that knowledge to other volunteers via presentations in our weekly meeting
  • Develop leadership and organization building skills working on projects

Networking and Marketing

  • Help us in putting up AID information tables in your college, company and other public events.
  • Help us in fund raising activities
  • Networking with various like-minded organizations.

Spreading Awareness

  • Being a part of social justice action in the Boston area related to India (see Campaigns)
  • Develop tabling material for campaigns - put your creative juices to work!
  • Write - Pen is mightier than a sword. AID works at the grassroots in different parts of India. We partner with hundreds of initiatives doing great work. Write about them and spread the word so that we spark off many more minds and similar initiatives.
  • Spread the word about AID - There might be some of your friends waiting for an opportunity. Why not you show them a way. Spread the word about the activities of AID.
  • Travel - Travel to different AID projects. Meet like-minded people. Learn grassroot realities and evaluate projects. Bring those learning back to our local chapter meeting via presentations and discussions

Presentations/IT Support/outreach

  • Website Updates - If you have been surfing long enough, you already know that updated websites are a pleasure to visit. So, help us in the challenge of keeping this website interesting and exciting to visit over and over again.
  • Make teaser campaigns, posters, presentations for our chapter




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JSS, Chhattisgarh (Based on our site visit) 

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