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Sangarsh : Struggle against the creation of poverty

  • If the forest guards who are supposed to protect the forests are selling them to timber companies, then no amount of planting from our side will suffice until that is stopped.
  • Mega-projects that displace lakhs of people overnight, to store the water we use (and more than that waste) in someone else's house and fields, create poverty faster than we can address it.
  • If after several years electricity has come into a village and then it is not given to the dalit sections, what is needed is not a separate generator that we make for them (like digging a separate well) but their right to it.

We often see that if the government and other big "agents of development" are corrupt and impose ill-conceived methods of development, then the destruction that is done is much more than the constructive agenda of AID and such groups all over the world. Human rights, environmental concern and fighting for justice are some of the Non-Violent Struggle directions AID has to lend its voice to.

Read about the current struggles that AID is involved in and make your voice count.

People's Movements and struggles teach us that what is needed is decentralized development, with real people's participation. Working in the dual directions of Sangarsh and Nirman, we are charting our way to elminate poverty




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